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A Little About Us

Hi everyone, so nice to meet you all! We’re the small family team behind Glenna Studios. We work together designing the jewellery for our two brands The Silver Studio & Glenna Jewellery. It’s great to work with family and collaborate on new ideas for our collections, we love bouncing ideas back and forth and creating unique and exciting collections for our customers. Along with jewellery design we also create our own digital artwork using our own sketches and photography. Our very own in house photographer is often on location across Scotland capturing some amazing shots many of which are used in our products and across our website and social media pages.

About our brands…

The Silver Studio – Jewellery Cards

With a passion for creative digital art & jewellery design, we launched the first of The Silver Studio collections in the summer of 2014. Combining simple and delicate jewellery design with digital artwork to create high quality Sterling Silver jewellery cards inspired by all things Scottish.

The Silver Studio became an instant success and by early 2016 the brand had made it to the Gift of the year Finals with a highly commended award and national top 3 place. Many new Scottish, Celtic and Wildlife designs followed, and the collection continues to grow in popularity each year and our jewellery cards are posted all over the world!

Glenna Jewellery

The inspiration to design a contemporary jewellery collection with a distinctive Scottish style came on a hilltop close to the studio. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Dumfries & Galloway, a place we have called home all our lives. The open Scottish countryside, coastal villages and natural wildlife of South West Scotland continues to provide the perfect inspiration… and so Glenna Jewellery was born…

Glenna is the Gaelic version of mums name Glynis, so it made perfect sense to name the brand after her.

Glenna Sterling Silver jewellery is now loved for its distinctive flowing Scottish style and modern timeless appeal. Glenna Scottish Bluebells ,Thistles & Scottish Coast have become all time favourites and are some of Glenna’s most loved collections.